1. my trippin' mojo
    Leipzig, Germany
  2. Chris Medleigh
    Leipzig, Germany
  3. ReedFlavor
    Leipzig, Germany
  4. Dyze
    Leipzig, Germany
  5. Defekto
    Leipzig, Germany
  6. Duktus
    Leipzig, Germany
  7. crssspace
    Leipzig, Germany
  8. Phoenix Muhammad
    Leipzig, Germany
  9. Calico Galaxy - ranikade3
  10. Storytellers
    New York, New York
  11. clara park
  12. fLOwTEC
    Cologne, Germany
  13. Dnte
  14. WOLM


Resistant Mindz Leipzig, Germany

RESISTANT MINDZ is a young record label, founded by musicians for musicians, keeping the focus on independence of each artist, which is in our opinion the main ingredient for showing creativity and being who you are …
A part of the universe, which is not suppose to be defeated by a certain order to prepare the big sell out...

Each production follows the red line of soulful expression. No matter w
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